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Good News: Chinese Embassy has reopened Chinese Visa, Travel Document and Passport applications. We now accept Chinese Visa and Child Travel Document applications and Passport Photo services.

Latest (May 2023) Chinese Visa Application Procedure:

Cary Chinese School is currently on a summer break. We will have an on-site Visa and Passport Photo service at Cary Chinese School (Panther Creek High School) in September, 2023.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to apply a visa or take Chinese document photo right now.

中国驻美大使馆现在已开放了上办理中国签证、护照、旅行证的申请. 华星服务可以为大家代办签证、旅行证申请以及护照拍照。

中国签证申请程序 (2023 May):

华星服务- 北卡中国签证中心在凯瑞中文学校(Cary Chinese School)开学期间,每周提供中国集体签证及照相服务。

凯瑞中文学校现在放暑假,在中文学校的服务暂停。请用下面的表格登记, 然后发邮件给 预约时间拍照。

请大家登记以下表格 – 每个申请人填写一份 :